Sleep, health and happiness; how to understand them and get them


Updated on 22nd May 2023

Neglect Your Sleep – Wreck Your Health and Happiness:

Eleven ways lack of sleep damages you, and eighteen powerful strategies for getting great sleep!

Front cover, Sleep Book 2022Renata Taylor-Byrne, December 2022-January 2023

The author draws on decades of research conducted by sleep scientists and integrates those findings with her thirty years plus, research and teaching of stress management, nutrition and exercise. The book is divided into three parts. Part One consists of eleven short chapters, each dealing with one aspect of the way lack of sleep damages your body and mind, which you need to know if you are to fully appreciate how crucial sufficient sleep is to human beings, and to motivate yourself to manage your sleep effectively.

And Part 2 consists of two chapters:  In Chapter 13, I describe the top five sleep destroyers. And in Chapter 14, I present eighteen strategies you can use to make sure you get plenty of great quality sleep. Then the last chapter is a summary of the relevant findings of each previous section. Finally there are then two appendices which describe two highly effective techniques for not only improving your sleep, but also having a very positive effect on your daily life. They are two superb time – tested techniques, for people who cannot get back to sleep easily if they wake up in the night, and they don’t need electrical equipment to do them. They are as follows:  a simple method of meditation, and a powerful system of muscle relaxation.

Waking up every morning with a well-rested and fully recharged body and mind, full of energy for the day ahead, is a wonderful goal to aim for. And it can be done, with the right information and sufficient self-discipline. This lifestyle goal becomes even more important the older we get, and this book’s insights and strategies will help you to achieve that goal!

However, there are no quick fixes for sleep problems! This is the real world. Getting to bed at a decent time each night is a real test of your health boundaries with other people, and of your understanding of the shocking damage done to the human body without sufficient sleep.

This book will teach you some of the top ways to regain the deep and nutritious sleep you had when very young, and these solutions will transform your energy level, protect your physical and mental health, and contribute towards having high – quality interpersonal relationships with your family and at work.  To buy the book, here is a link to it on Amazon:


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