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“Our mission in life is to research, write and publish the books that will make the most dramatic improvement to your life, in the shortest amount of time, for the most reasonable cost!”

Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne

Lifestyle Coaching/Counselling researchers and writers: July 2021


The power of reading books!

Dr-Jim-Byrne8 (2)Are you looking for a book that can help to solve your problems with anger, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, couple conflict, relationship difficulties at home or in work; or are you are struggling to get to sleep, or to learn to relax?

If so, we have the right book for you, right now. We can even help you to write a new (and better) life for yourself!

Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, Hebden Bridge, August 2021


Fifteen self-help books that could change your life for the better!

Relax Your Way to a Better Life:

Using Dr Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique for physical and mental health

Rexatation BookBy Renata Taylor-Byrne, Lifestyle Coach-Counsellor

Relax your way to a better life. Switch off the tension, and switch on physical and mental health and happiness.

This is the book that helps you to get in touch with the sweet, soft feeling of total relaxation and the joy of being alive!

Tension is a source of personal misery, and of physical and mental health problems. Relaxation is the undoing of tension and stress, which improves physical and mental health.

For more information, please click this link: Relax and enjoy it.***

Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation book


How to write a new life for yourself:

Self-counselling and personal growth using regular journal writing

By Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


Kindle Cover WriteANewLife (2)How to write a new life for yourself, in small, easy steps.

This self-help book will teach you 20 strategies for improving your capacity to solve the problems that keep you stuck in your present life; to plan a better future; and to clean up the problems in your past.

This is the book that helps you to write a new road map for better health, wealth and happiness, and take control of your life.

For more information, please click this link: How to write a new life for yourself, in your journal.***

Writing therapy exercises


Who Are You, And Where Are You Going?

Transformative insights from psychology and the philosophy of psychotherapy

By Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne


Front cover, Who are youTo understand where you are going in life, you have to understand where you have been, and the nature of the roadmap you are using.  But even more important than those requirements, you need to have a clearer idea of who you actually *are* – beyond the labels that life has attached to you! (If you seem to be lost, does that not speak loudly about the quality of your personal map of life?)

This self help book is the one that teaches you that you are not the limited being you think you are; that your personality can be reformed; that you can change your habitual feelings; and even the urges that control who you choose as a marriage partner.

For more information, please click this link: Change your destiny; improve your life.***

Personality and Destiny…How to change them…



Transforming Traumatic Dragons:

How to recover from a history of trauma – using a whole body-brain-mind approach

By Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

Front cover 2, Dragons Trauma book June 2020Over a period of more than 22 years of professional practice, Dr Jim Byrne has developed and refined a DIY (self-help) approach to resolving your own childhood trauma. This book will help you to understand what childhood developmental trauma is; how it relates to insecure attachment and dysfunction of the right brain; and how to work on childhood trauma using a whole body, brain, mind approach. This book outlines three major therapeutic processes, at three graded levels of emotional disturbance (from mild to intense), which you can progressively (and slowly and gradually) work through, in the form of journal writing, and related processes of body-awareness, body activity, sleep, diet and exercise solutions, and deep relaxation.

Dragons are fearsome, mythical animals which terrify those who contemplate them. Childhood developmental trauma is like a dragon in the basement of your mind, which constantly frightens you (from below the level of your conscious awareness, so that it feels like the terror is here, and now; but it’s not!). 

This self-help book explains that you would be able to damp down this fright and panic, if you’d had the right kind of attachment experience with your mother in the first couple of years of your life! And this book teaches you how to get your trauma under control today, despite the lack of an attuned and attentive mother!

For more information, please click this link: Childhood developmental trauma: Facing and defeating dragons.***

How to resolve childhood developmental trauma


Sleep science, and physical and mental health:

How to Stop Wrecking Your Mental, Physical and Emotional Health

By Renata Taylor-Byrne


Sleep & Health book, Front coverSleep is not “just sleep”. It’s the “Swiss army knife” of physical and mental health, according to one of the major sleep scientists whose work is included in Renata Taylor-Byrne’s summary of twenty years of sleep science, including how to overcome your own sleep problems, like insomnia.

This self-help book will help you to understand why we sleep; what goes wrong with our body, brain, mind when we get insufficient sleep, or sleep of inadequate quality. Also how to ensure good quality and quantity of sleep, including how to overcome insomnia without drugs or alcohol (neither of which helps!)

For more information, please click this link: Sleep science and physical and mental health.***

Sleep science, and physical and mental health


How to Resolve Conflict and Unhappiness, Especially during Festive Celebrations:

Coping with and resolving frustrations, disappointments and interpersonal clashes at family celebrations like Christmas, Yuletide, Hanukkah, Eid, and Thanksgiving

By Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne


Front cover 1Family conflict is a source of great misery for many children, including grown-up children returning to visit their parents for festive celebrations.  Learn how to manage family conflict with skilful responses to provocations and verbal attacks.

This self-help book teaches you how to weather the storms of Christmas and other Family Holiday upsets and disappointments, frustrations, hurts, rejections, failures and fears, by helping you to develop an effective philosophy of life which will allow you to sail through the rough seas of emotional difficulty with the minimum amount of pain; and to communicate more effectively with difficult family members!

For more information, please click this link: Managing conflict at family gatherings.***

Resolve Conflict and Unhappiness, The book



How to control your anger, anxiety and depression, using nutrition and physical exercise

By Renata Taylor-Byrne and Jim Byrne, 2017

If you want to be mentally healthy and happy, you have to know how to maintain optimal physical health!

Front cover design 3Diet, exercise, mental health. If you’ve worked at improving your philosophy of life, and still you feel angry, or anxious, or depressed; perhaps it’s time to take a close look at the linkages between diet and exercise, on the one hand, and emotional disturbances on the other. This book includes lots of insights, including the six most toxic foods; the best foods to eat; a detailed stress and anxiety diet; and the best approaches to physical exercise for physical and mental health.

This self-help book is useful for self-help enthusiasts, who want to improve their physical and mental health or emotional wellbeing; and also for counsellors who want to teach their clients about the importance of diet and exercise for emotional control.

For more information, please click this link.***.

Diet, exercise, mental health


Cutting through the Worry Knot!

How to Reduce and Control Your Anxiety Level:
Using a whole body-brain-mind approach

And without using drugs, alcohol or escapism!

Front cover 2By Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne


Anxiety can help you – by alerting you to the presence of real dangers. And it can make your life miserable, by setting off bodily alarms in situations where there are no significant dangers.  Learn how to manage your anxiety through strategies involving your body, your brain and your mind.

This self-help book is dedicated to the generations of thinkers, writers, theorists, researchers and others who have investigated the nature of anxiety and worry; and tracked it back to its roots in lifestyle factors and philosophies of life. Their insights are summarized for the benefit of you, the reader.

Many people live lives which are tied up in knots of worry, anxiety, fear, apprehension and dread.  They can hardly remember what it was like to feel relaxed, happy and at ease.  This book will teach you how to cut through these kinds of emotional knots, from various angles, one at a time, to produce a state of greatly improved relaxation and ease.

For more information, please click this link.***.

How to Reduce and Control Your Anxiety


Solve your anger management problems:

Overcome resentment and learn to forgive and accept

By Jim Byrne, 2019


Front cover, anger2Anger can be positive (assertive) or negative (aggressive). And aggressive anger it can ruin your family life and your career; and rob you of both your freedom and your dignity.  Learn how to control you aggressive tendencies, and to “forgive those who trespass against you!”.

The E-CENT theory of anger says that anger is one of our basic emotions.  It’s innate.  It was selected by nature for its survival value.  We would not survive for long without an innate sense of angering in response to abuse or neglect.  We also would not survive for long if we did not quickly learn how to moderate our anger as young children.  Our anger is a two-edged sword.  It can help to protect us, and it can attract hostile reactions from others. 

Chapter 1 of this self-help book will introduce you to ten core principles of the system of anger management that I teach to my counselling and therapy clients.

This system recognizes that human beings have bodies as well as minds; that their emotions are shaped in their family of origin; and that they are always connected to a current social environment (including family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and perhaps a romantic partner).

Because of this multi-dimensional nature of being human, we have to deal with everything that affects the body-brain-mind of the angry individual.

For more information, please click this link.*** 

Anger management book



How to Quickly Fix your Couple Relationship:

The Six Day Course in how to create and manage a happy and successful sex-love relationship, marriage or cohabiting relationship.

Powerful beliefs for powerful relationships.

By Dr Jim Byrne

Front cover, DIY Couples, 2During the twenty-plus years that he has spent as a couples’ therapist, Dr Jim Byrne has seen a lot of unhappiness and misery, caused by the fact that people insist upon managing their side of their relationship on the basis of habit, and not from conscious understanding of how to do so!

Most people he has helped had no idea what a relationship really is.  They were driven by an unconscious mental model they learned by watching their mother and father muddling through their unworkable marriage. They had no idea what love really is.  They were muddling their way through unhappy relationships like a blind person in a boxing ring: driven by habit and raw emotion.

This self-help book contains a six day course which teaches a “read-map for successful relationship” – which some people would call “an effective new philosophy of relationship life”. It contains a set of powerful beliefs which help us to relate happily and healthily with each other.  And it contains a process for recovering from the bad influences our parents had on our Inner Couple Model of Relationship.

For more information, please click this link.***.

Couple relationships, how to fix them


Recovery from childhood Trauma:

How I Healed my Heart and Mind
And how you can heal yourself

Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling

Front cover,1Dr Jim Byrne reveals how he explored and processed (and completed!) his Story of origins – (as a rejected outsider) – and his Story of relationship – (in which he was not actively loved by his damaged parents [resulting in many years of isolation and incapacity to operate from love in his own adult relationships]).

In this personal-development book, he mostly focuses upon how he addressed the major problems in his personal history – his early traumas – as ‘kinks in his narrative self’, which could be straightened out with writing therapy. (Although, in his Story of Relationship, he does describe other processes that he used [including judo practice, and music therapy]).

The traumas which he experienced are often thought of as ‘complex trauma’, or ‘developmental trauma’, which are about ongoing abusive or neglectful relationships within the family of origin, ion the early years of childhood.

To balance the importance of the ‘narrative (or storied) self’ and the ‘somatic (or bodily) self’, Dr Byrne has added an appendix on his somatic (or bodily) self, and how it was healed; and also one on his social self, and how that was re-positioned for healing. Plus some brief thoughts on his ‘spiritual self’.

For more information, please click this link.*** 

How to recover from childhood trauma…a case study and strategies


Happy relationships, how to have one

How to Have a Wonderful, Loving Relationship:

Helpful insights for couples and lovers

By Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne

Kindle cover, How to LoveThis book will teach you a broad range of skills – including how to communicate more effectively with your partner – which will enhance your ability to make a loving relationship which is happy, healthy, kind, sustaining, and durable.  Anybody can set up a miserable relationships which causes unhappiness!

This self-help book teaches the essential skills of relating successfully to a person you love, in such a way that they will love you back. And this is the basis of a happy, joyful, fun-filled life!

It’s designed to be helpful for:

– Committed, long-term couples; or young people starting out on the journey of building a loving relationship;

And also for:

– Counsellors and therapists (who want to learn from the author’s experience of providing couples therapy for twenty years);

And for:

– Self-help enthusiasts, and students of human relations.

It deals with a broad range of knowledge and skills, and is based on the author’s thirty-seven years of study of couple relationships; and his twenty-two years’ experience of helping couples to improve, revive, restore (or dissolve) their relationships with their long-term, committed, sex-love or romantic partners.

For more information, please click this link.***

Happy relationships, how to have one


For more, please see:

Books for counsellors and psychotherapists

Books about REBT/CBT (and specifically Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy


Fictionalized autobiography of an Irish Catholic boy: The autobiography of a traumatized child.

Title: Metal Dog – Long Road Home

By Jim Byrne (writing through his alter ego, Daniel O’Beeve)


Metal Dog - Autobiogprahical story by Jim ByrneTo recover from complex childhood developmental trauma, Jim Byrne had to do a lot of self-therapy; including writing this fictionalized autobiography of the first forty years of his troubled life. He hopes that the insights he has gained (and the healing that he has achieved in his own life), and the model that he used to structure his life story, will help you to digest some of your own childhood traumas.

Therapy takes many forms. One of the most effective forms is ‘writing therapy’; or using narrative therapy in the form of journal writing.  This personal growth book shows what can be produced using this approach to self-therapy. And it is also a profoundly insightful book about childhood developmental trauma – how easily it occurs, and how tricky it is to recover. This should be of interest to counselling psychologists, social workers, and anybody who cares about the damage inflicted on children by abuse and neglect. As well as self-help enthusiasts!

For more information, please click this link: Fictionalized autobiography – Metal Dog, Long Road back to near normality.***.

Fictionalized autobiography of Irish Catholic Boy


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