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Updated on 12th June 2019



Hello, and welcome to this page of information about our books on aspects of personal and professional development; including counselling and therapy approaches to self improvement; and emotional self-management.

Our books are related to physical and mental health, and emotional well-being (including how to control your anger, anxiety and depression); counselling, coaching and personal and professional development (including stress management and couples therapy); and psychology and psychotherapy issues and concerns.

On this page you will find details of our fifteen most popular books – most of which exist as a paperback and as an eBook (Kindle).  (Some eBook versions have been delayed, but will appear as soon as possible).

# individuals looking for solutions to current problems;

# self-help enthusiasts and counselling clients;

# plus professional helpers, like counsellors, coaches, social workers, educators, psychologists and psychotherapists.

Many of them will also be useful as:

# CPD resources for counsellors and psychotherapists; and:

# study resources for students of personal effectiveness; psychology; counselling and psychotherapy; and social work, etc.


If you want to read more information about any of the fifteen books listed below, please click the ‘Learn more’ link, next to the cover, and you will be shown a substantial overview of the contents of the chosen book, including, normally, the contents pages, index and appendices, and extracts from chapters.

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Anger, resentment and forgiveness:

How to get your inappropriate anger under reasonable control

Front cover2By Dr Jim Byrne

This book is based on twenty years’ experience by the author of providing anger management counselling and coaching to hundreds of individuals.

It includes a unique chapter on the processes required to achieve forgiveness, and a rationale for doing so.  And it contains lots of insights into the philosophy and biology of anger management.

If you study this book, you will learn how to control your anger, and to use it appropriately.

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Paperback only at the moment

Price: £14.75 from Amazon.


Safeguard Your Sleep and Reap the Rewards:

Better health, happiness and resilience

Front cover, sleep book, Feb 2019

By Renata Taylor-Byrne

A detailed review of the science of sleep, and what this tells us about the importance of sleep for a happy, successful life.

Now you can begin to understand why you need sleep; how much you need; how to optimize your chances of getting a good night’s sleep; and what to do if you experience sleep disturbance. You will also learn how to defend your sleep against modern sleep-distractions.

It is now available, in paperback only.

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Price: £14.99 (GBP)

By Renata Taylor-Byrne


How to Quickly Fix your Couple Relationship:

A brief DIY handbook for serious lovers

This book has been specially designed to provide some quick relief up front. That means that, right at the start of the book, I share with you some of the most powerful insights into how to have a happy relationships. I then help you to complete a couple of exercises that take five minutes per day, and which will begin to change your relationship situation almost at once.

Kindle: £5.02

Paperback: £12.10

For more information: Learn more

Available in paperback and Kindle eBook formats.

How to Write a New Life for Yourself:

Narrative therapy and the writing solution.

Prices: from £4.22 GBP (Kindle) to £13.27 (paperback)

Paperback and eBook versions.

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This book contains more than twenty exercises to help you to get more of what you want from your life.

Journal writing, and various forms of writing therapy, and reflective writing are included, with specific exercises for specific purposes.


Top secrets for Building a Successful Relationship: 

 Volume 1 – A blueprint and toolbox for couples and counsellors: C101

1, Kindle Cover, SuccesSful, RelationshipKINDLE30.11 (2)

By Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne

The author has more than twenty years experience of providing couples therapy and marriage guidance to individuals and couples.


Prices from £6.65 GBP (Kindle) to £19.48 GBP (paperback)


Paperback and eBook versions

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How to Control Your Anger, Anxiety and Depression:

Using nutrition and physical activity.

Diet,exercise book coverBy Renata Taylor-Byrne, and Jim Byrne

Changing your philosophy of life will not control your emotions, unless you also attend to your diet and exercise needs.

It is now increasingly being argued, by cutting edge scientists, that the root cause of physical and mental health problems is inflammation in the body, especially in the guts.  The concept of leaky gut giving rise to leaky brain is increasingly being verified; and very often the causes of anxiety, depression and anger are to be found in the client’s diet; or their lack of physical exercise.

By Renata Taylor-Byrne and Jim Byrne

Prices: from £3.10 (Kindle) to £9.93 GBP (paperback)

Paperback and eBook versions.

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Lifestyle Counselling and Coaching for the Whole Person:

Or how to integrate nutritional insights, exercise and sleep coaching into talk therapy.

The Lifestyle Counselling BookBy Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne

Because diet, exercise and sleep are increasingly seen to be important determinants of mental health and emotional well-being, it is now necessary to rethink our models of counselling and therapy. This book will show counsellors how to incorporate lifestyle coaching and counselling into their system of talk therapy.  It will also help self-help enthusiasts to take better care of their own mental and physical health, and emotional well-being.

Prices: from £4.26 GBP (Kindle) to £12.64 (paperback)

Paperback and eBook versions.

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Facing and Defeating your Emotional Dragons:

How to process old traumas, and eliminate undigested pain from your past experience

This book presents two processes that are necessary for the digestion of old, traumatic or stress-inducing experiences.

The first looks at how to re-think or re-frame your traumatic memory; and the second is about how to digest it, so it can disappear.


Prices from: £6.16p (Kindle) and £13.63 GBP (Paperback) 


Paperback and eBook versions

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Holistic Counselling in Practice:

An introduction to the theory and practice of Emotive-Cognitive Embodied-Narrative Therapy

front cover holistic couns reissued

By Jim Byrne DCoun FISPC

With Renata Taylor-Byrne BSc (Hons) Psychol

This book was the original introduction to Emotive-Cognitive Embodied Narrative Therapy (E-CENT), which was created by Dr Jim Byrne in the period 2009-2014, building upon earlier work from 2003.  It is of historic importance, but it has been superseded by Lifestyle Counselling and Coaching for the Whole Persson, above.

Prices from: £5.83p GBP (Kindle) and £15.18p (Paperback)

Paperback and eBook versions

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A counsellor reflects upon models of mind

Integrating the psychological models of Plato, Freud, Berne and Ellis

Prices from: £5.99 (Kindle) and £14.99 GBP (Paperback)

Every counsellor needs to think long and hard about their perceptions of their clients.  Are they based on ‘common sense’, or have they been subjected to the discipline of considering the theories of great minds that preceded us, like Plato, Freud, Berne and Ellis. (Ellis, of course, oversimplified the SOR model of mind into the simple ABC model, but he is still important because of his impact on the whole CBT theory, which currently dominates the field of counselling and therapy in the US, UK and elsewhere).

Paperback and eBook versions available

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This next book replaces our original critique of REBT – Unfit for Therapeutic Purposes. We have added a 22 pages Preface which summarizes the bottom line of Dr Byrne’s critique of REBT; and some detail about the way in which physical and psychological pain are processed through largely overlapping neurology and brain areas.

A Major Critique of REBT:

Revealing the many errors in the foundations of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Also, we have added a reference to the research which shows that emotional pain and physical pain are both mediated and processed through significantly overlapping neural networks, which contradicts Dr Ellis’s claim that nobody could hurt you, except with a baseball bat.

This is a comprehensive and devastating critique of the foundations of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, as developed by Dr Albert Ellis.

Available in paperback only, at the moment.

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Price: £23.58 GBP


If you want to know the essence of our critique of REBT, but you don’t want to have to read 500+ pages, then this 150 page summary should appeal to you:

Discounting Our Bodies:

A brief, critical review of REBT’s flaws

This book is a brief, summary critique of the main errors contained in the foundations of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) theory. And especially the invalidity of the ABC model, which asserts that nothing other than beliefs intervenes between a negative experience and an emotional-behavioural reaction. (The body is ignored!)

Paperback only (at the moment). Price £9.50 GBP

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Discounting our Bodies.***


The Amoralism of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT):

The mishandling of self-acceptance and unfairness issues by Albert Ellis

This book is an extensive, detailed critique of two of the central ideas of REBT:

(1) The concept of ‘unconditional self-acceptance’; and

(2) The idea that life is fundamentally unfair, and that it should be accepted as such, and never complained about.

In the process we also deal with Albert Ellis’s idea that people should never be blamed for anything; that praise and blame are bad; that guilt and shame are to be eliminated, and never taken to be indicators that we’ve done something wrong. Along the way we have a debate with Dr Michael Edelstein about the role of fairness in couple relationships.

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The Amoralizm of REBT.***

Coming soon:

Albert Ellis and the Unhappy Golfer:

A critique of the simplistic ABC model of REBT

By Dr Jim Byrne


Front cover, Ellis and the GolferThe unhappy golfer is in Dr Albert Ellis’s office, in New York City, somewhere around the end of the 1950’s.  He tells Dr Ellis that he feels terribly unhappy about being rejected by his golfing peers, and Dr Ellis tells him: This is something you are doing to yourself!

Ellis uses the unhappy golfer to introduce his readers to his simple ABC model of REBT, which claims that a person cannot be upset emotionally in any way other than by their own beliefs!

This book sets out to refute this simplistic idea.

For more.***

Albert Ellis and the Unhappy Golfer.***


Daniel O’Beeve’s Amazing Journey: From traumatic origins to transcendent love

Transcribed by Jim Byrne

It is rare that any of us gets a chance to peer inside of the life of a troubled individual, from a dysfunctional family, and to have our lives enriched by their struggles for freedom and self-understanding.  And their quest for love in a cold world can motivate us to keep trying to achieve our own emotional development.


Available in Kindle eBook for £5.54 GBP

And in paperback for £27.38 GBP:

Learn more:

Daniel’s Amazing Journey.***

The Relentless Flow of Fate

By Kurt Llama Byron

An Inspector Glasheen Mystery

For more, please click this link:

The Relentless Flow of Fate.***

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Paperback only at the moment, for £11.95 GBP

Fiction is a great vehicle for teaching and learning about social relationships, psychological problems, and the law of karma.


If you are interested in learning from two highly creative, hard-working, and free-thinking enquirers and philosophical researchers/writers, who care deeply about human suffering, and who refuse to follow any organizational line, then please take a look at our books, above.