Couple relationships and love bonds

Updated on 28th August 2019

Couple relationships and couples therapy

On this page you will find details of two books, on the subject of couple relationships, which are helpful for self-therapy, and for counsellors and therapists who want to learn more about how to help people with couple problems. A third book will be added later.

Top secrets for Building a Successful Relationship: 

 Volume 1 – A blueprint and toolbox for couples and counsellors: C101

1, Kindle Cover, SuccesSful, RelationshipKINDLE30.11 (2)

By Dr Jim Byrne, with Renata Taylor-Byrne

The author has more than twenty years experience of providing couples therapy and marriage guidance to individuals and couples.


Prices from £6.65 GBP (Kindle) to £19.48 GBP (paperback)


Paperback and eBook versions

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How to Quickly Fix your Couple Relationship:

A brief DIY handbook for serious lovers

This book has been specially designed to provide some quick relief up front. That means that, right at the start of the book, I share with you some of the most powerful insights into how to have a happy relationships. I then help you to complete a couple of exercises that take five minutes per day, and which will begin to change your relationship situation almost at once.

Kindle: £5.02

Paperback: £12.10

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Paperback and book versions available