Couple relationships and love bonds


Wishing and hoping for happiness is unlikely to work. “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”

Benjamin Disraeli


Updated on 6th March 2021

Couple relationships and couples therapy

On this page you will find details of two books specifically on the subject of couple relationships; plus one on family conflict which is also helpful for couples.  These books are helpful for two audiences:

– Individuals or couples who want to develop expertise in managing a loving relationship more effectively, for happiness and success; and/or:

– Counsellors and therapists who want to learn more about how to help people with couple problems.

How to Have a Wonderful, Loving Relationship:

Helpful insights for couples and lovers

By Jim Byrne (with Renata Taylor-Byrne)


Kindle cover, How to Love

Originally published with the title, Top secrets for Building a Successful Relationship, in 2018.  Reissued with a new title and minor changes in November 2019.


Do you sometimes feel that you are just reliving your parents’ relationship? The unworkable, misery-inducing pattern that you witnessed in childhood?  If so, you are probably right. That is most often how relationships turn out, unless you wake up and begin to change your unconscious pattern of relating.

Most human beings long to be engaged in a loving relationship with another person who they like and admire, and who likes, admires, loves and respects them in turn.

But most people have no idea how to bring this about.

Kindle cover, How to Love
Kindle cover

A few lucky people will automatically ‘know’ what to do, non-consciously, because they had parents who openly demonstrated their love for each other.

If your parents did not love, like, respect and/or care for each other; or they failed to demonstrate active love for you; then you are going to have to learn from scratch. But do not despair.  The answers to your problem can be found in this book…


Find out how to reprogram yourself for a loving, joyful, peaceful relationship that enriches your life, instead of making you miserable and disappointed.  To find out some more about this process, please click this link.***


How to Quickly Fix your Couple Relationship:

A brief DIY handbook for serious lovers

This book has been specially designed to provide some quick relief up front. That means that, right at the start of the book, I share with you some of the most powerful insights into how to have a happy relationships. I then help you to complete a couple of exercises that take five minutes per day, and which will begin to change your relationship situation almost at once.


For more information: Learn more

Paperback and book versions available


How to Resolve Conflict and Unhappiness: Especially during Festive Celebrations:

Coping with and resolving frustrations, disappointments and interpersonal clashes at family celebrations like Christmas, Yuletide, Hanukkah, Eid, and Thanksgiving

Front cover 1Dr Jim Byrne (With Renata Taylor-Byrne)

Conflict can happen in families at any time of year.  It jut so happens that the first Monday after the Christmas & New Year annual holidays is called ‘Divorce Day’, because that is when the highest number of divorce petitions is issued. And it seems most likely that the other major family holiday times are the runners up in the divorce stakes.  However, what is hidden under these divorce statistics is the mountain of personal and social misery that precedes such drastic ‘solutions’ to repeated conflict, disappointments and interpersonal clashes.

But there is a better way to deal with these problems. Rather than letting the misery build up over time, you can take control of both your own mind, and the way you communicate within your family and society.  You can insulate your social relationships from constant or repeated misery and unhappiness; and learn to have a wonderful life with your family and friends.

The solutions have been assembled by Dr Jim Byrne in this book about how to re-think/re-feel/re-frame your encounters with your significant others; how to communicate so they will listen; how to listen so they can communicate with you; and how to manage your lifestyle for optimum peace, happiness and success in all your relationships.


Don’t let your relationships deteriorate. Get the solution today. Click this link for more.***


This is the latest self-help book by Dr Jim Byrne:

Stories from the Couples’ Therapy Room:

The roots of unworkable relationships, and the highroads out of hell!

By Jim Byrne – Copyright (c) Jim Byrne, 2023
Doctor of Counselling and Couples Therapist

Front Cover Stories from Couples Theapy roomIt has famously been said that most people lead lives of quiet desperation. And this author can confirm that what he has witnessed in the name of “relationships” has most often been a peculiar form of low-level warfare by two individuals who feel compelled to stay together, but who cannot quite figure out how to like and love each other.

The author understands this phenomenon, because, when he was twenty-four years old, he married a woman he did not love, and who did not show any sign of liking him and caring for him particularly. He went on to have six years of “married life”, before she (fortunately) left him for somebody else. He then ventured into two new relationships, and during the second one, he was fortunate to find his way, with his new life partner, into marriage guidance. That was the beginning of his long road to helping hundreds of couples to have happier relationships.

Jim Byrne has a doctoral degree in counselling from the University of Manchester, UK. He has spent 25 years helping unhappy couples to understand love and relationship; and to decide if they want to opt into an actively loving relationship; or to opt out with no recriminations. He teaches that all human beings are largely non-conscious creatures of habit, and that this is nowhere more evident than it is in marriages and marriage-like relationships.

In this book he recounts some of the many stories he encountered in this therapy work, and how he helped clients to fix their marriages. In the process, he reveals the eighteen principles of happy couple relationships which he either collected or developed or refined over that twenty-four year period.

For more information about this new book, please go to Stories from the Couples Therapy Room.***