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Updated on 4th August 2021


Renata Taylor-Byrne’s book about the science of sleep – which was published in 2019 with the title ‘Safeguard your sleep and reap the rewards’ – has been reissued in January 2021 with the following, more descriptively accurate title:

How to Stop Wrecking Your Mental, Physical and Emotional Health:

Answers from the science of sleep

This book addresses many important questions about sleep, including the following:

Sleep & Health book, Front coverWhy should we be concerned about the quantity of hours slept? (Including the physical and mental diseases linked to inadequate sleep).

Why should we be committed to getting high quality, undisturbed sleep? (The physical and mental health benefits).

What causes common sleep problems? And:

How to fix common sleep problems, like insomnia. (This includes looking at foods that promote sleep; and foods that destroy sleep. Plus how to manage your lifestyle in general to promote healthy sleep – which, in turn, gives you a healthy life. And also how to manage your mind, and your sleep environment, to reap the great rewards of regular, nourishing and regenerating sleep experiences).

…For more information about this book, please click this link: Sleep science and your health.***


How to Sleep Like a Baby – Every single night:

Without drugs or alcohol.

By Renata Taylor-Byrne

How to sleep like a babyInsomnia is a growing problem in the Anglo-American world, due to the pressures of neoliberal economic policies, and growing inequality, and intensified exploitation of workers at every level.

Insomnia is defined as the inability to fall asleep, in the first ten or twenty minutes of being in bed. It can also include the tendency to wake up again, a couple of hours after going to bed.

How to Sleep Like a Baby – Every single night is a self-help book designed to quickly help you to: Overcome insomnia without drugs or alcohol.

  • Set your room up for a good night’s sleep;
  • How to manage your body, brain and mind to optimize your chances of sleeping soundly every night;
  • and what to do to overcome insomnia if you find yourself sleepless.

For more information, please click this link.***.

Self-help techniques for sleep disorders like insomnia