Writing as therapy and personal development

Blog Post No. 175

By Dr Jim Byrne

15th September 2018 (Updated on 8th June 2019)


Copyright (c) Jim Byrne, 2018-9


Dr Jim’s Blog: Transformational Writing: How I wrote a new life for myself – and how much better I feel as a result…

But overall, I’ve had some significant degree of therapeutic writing in my life for many years now.

The benefits over the years have sometimes been obvious – as when a new creative idea comes out of my Morning Pages – gets developed in subsequent pages, over a period of days or weeks – perhaps writing for 30 minutes each day.  This process has resulted in many blog posts; web pages; articles; academic papers; books; as well as answers to difficult questions; and creative problem-solving solutions.

Most recently, I’ve had a breakthrough in getting an insight into a fundamental problem with my personality-structure. The problem was with my (non-conscious) *DRIVERS* – or animators, which turned out to these: ‘Be Perfect’; and ‘Hurry Up’!

Because I’ve unearthed these stress inducing urges, I now feel I have a new degree of *mastery* over those stressful drivers of my feelings and behaviours; and a growing sense that, the more I slow down, and the less perfectionistic I am, the more productive, creative and happy I become!

To get to this point, all I had to do was to utilize a couple of the (more than 20) techniques that I wrote about in my book, *How to Write a New Life for Yourself*.

To read some more, please take a look at the information page, by clicking the following link: *How to Write a New Life for Yourself.***


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