lifestyle counselling and coaching

Blog post – 2nd July 2019


Lifestyle Counselling deals with the whole person

The Lifestyle Counselling BookMost systems of traditional talk therapy only deal with the ‘mind’ of the client, and the language function. Gestalt therapy deals with the body in terms of muscle tension; and Multimodal therapy allows for the effects of drugs and medicines on the body-mind.  But up to very recently – when E-CENT counselling created Lifestyle Counselling as a comprehensive, holistic practice – counsellors did not take account of the diet of the client; how well they slept; how much exercise they did; and so on.

On 17th March 2018, we published our book, Lifestyle Counselling and Coaching for the Whole Person: Or how to integrate nutritional insight, exercise and sleep coaching into talk therapy It began selling immediately, and has continued to do so.  Books do not normally sell so well via social media publicity.  So why is this one selling so well, on a steady basis?

The answers can be summarized like this:

  1. Lifestyle counselling is an idea whose time has come!
  1. Some bright counsellors can see that this is the future of counselling and psychotherapy.
  1. It is now obvious that the counselling client is a body-brain-mind in a social-economic-environment. Not a talking head!

So things have begun to change.  It is less than twenty years since the emotional revolution overtook the cognitive revolution. And it is less than ten years since the first signs of nutritional psychiatry began to emerge.  And it is less than 2 years since the first book on Holistic Counselling in Practice emerged: dealing with diet, exercise, self-talk, attachment, affect regulation, relaxation and sleep science.

This is the future of counselling.  This is the emerging revolution.  Join us.  Take a look at lifestyle counselling and coaching for the whole person…

That’s all for now.

Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling




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