Covid-19 stress debunks psychiatric diagnoses


When society makes us sick, should we then allow “specialists” to blame us, and call us “patients” with “mental illnesses”?


Coronavirus poses a challenge to psychiatric and psychological diagnoses of anxiety and depression


Promoting an article from the ‘Mad in America’ blog:


COVID-19 Challenges Our Faulty Assumptions About Normative Wellbeing

Sadie Cathcart, Author at Mad In AmericaLucy Johnstone addresses how limitations to models for psychological health and treatment have been spotlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic–which may not be a bad thing.


Sadie Cathcart

September 21, 2020

In a manuscript recently accepted to BJPsych Bulletin, released in a pre-print format, psychologist Lucy Johnstone calls for a drastic shift in the discourse surrounding wellbeing in the context of COVID-19. She writes that the conceptualization of the COVID-19 pandemic as parallel yet separate from an epidemic of “mental health” has the effect of minimizing appreciation for contextual determinants of distress. According to Johnstone:

“In the current jargon, popular in both psychology and psychiatry, we need a [re]formulation – a shift from ‘patient with illness’ to ‘person with a problem.’”


For more, please click this link: COVID-19 Challenges Our Faulty Assumptions About Normative Wellbeing.***



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