Fiction as therapy

Posted on 15th June 2019

Fictional writing can be a great way to complete your therapy; and reading fiction can be a form of self-therapy

On this page, at the moment, you will find a quick introduction to two books.  The first is a work of fictionalized autobiography; and the second is a novel which was written as self-therapy.


Daniel O’Beeve’s Amazing Journey: From traumatic origins to transcendent love

Transcribed by Jim Byrne

It is rare that any of us gets a chance to peer inside of the life of a troubled individual, from a dysfunctional family, and to have our lives enriched by their struggles for freedom and self-understanding.  And their quest for love in a cold world can motivate us to keep trying to achieve our own emotional development.


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Daniel’s Amazing Journey.***

The Relentless Flow of Fate

By Kurt Llama Byron

An Inspector Glasheen Mystery

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The Relentless Flow of Fate.***

Paperback only at the moment, for £11.95 GBP

Fiction is a great vehicle for teaching about social relationships, and the law of karma.